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Aquarius Minos
03-05-2005, 23:57
Dont know if this has been posted before, and I apologize if it has......

Here is a list of all the skill trainers in Pre Searing, along with what skill sets they train.

N1 Kasha Blackblood Blood Magic Green Hills west of Warmaster Grast
N2 Munne Death Magic? Catacombs Entrance
N3 Oberon the Riviler Curses Catacombs deep inside by large pit

E1 Azuire Fire Magic Wizards Folly by tower
E2 Ralena Stormbringer Air Magic Foibles Fair
E3 could not find

M1 Lady Althea Illusion Magic Outdoor theatre North of Main gate of Ascalon
M2 Vassar Domination Magic Foibles Fair
M3 could not find

Mk1 Brother Mhenlo Healing Prayers? Ashford Abbey
Mk2 Grazden Protection Prayers Green Hills west of Warmaster Grast
Mk3 could not find

W1 Warmaster Grast Sword Mastery Green Hills by the statue of Balthazar
W2 Duke Barraden Hammer Mastery Barraden Estate
W3 Little Thom Axe Mastery Barraden Estate

R1 Nente Beast Mastery Regent Valley
R2 Ivor Marksmanship Regent Valley east of Nente on a hill
R3 Aiden Wilderness Wizards Folly east of fishing village that is SW of Foibles Fair

If anyone knows the location for the 3rd mesmer, elementalist and monk, please add them to my list.

Hope this helps.

:howdy: :howdy:

04-05-2005, 05:48
Thanks for the listing, Aquarius.

Auntie I
04-05-2005, 13:42
The Mesmer doesn't have a 3rd Trainer. The monk should see Menhlo twice. I haven't found the 3rd Elementalist Trainer either, if there is one.

Aquarius Minos
15-05-2005, 03:10
Sorry to bump this, but more and more people are asking ingame where these trainers are.
Moderators if you read this, please consider making this a sticky so the newcomers can find it easier.

15-05-2005, 05:11
Although so far I have to admit that I have not run into the mesmer or elamentalist trainers either, I have to admit that I find it particularly unlikely that guildwars would have intentionally been created in this way. After creating my Elemantalist Ranger, I found that just after reaching the searing she had 3 more Ranger skills than Elementalist skills. This seems unbalanced to me. I do know that there are some quests that are 'broken', gwen and the tapestry piece being one of them. Also there has been a recent addition to Ashford Abbey in the form of a scribe. It would appear plausable that the quests involving the mesmer and elementalist are simply broken at this time. Especially if one takes into account such characters as Chantalle Troubador, who 'loves music' and seems to be rather the mesmer, though she will give no quest other than the generic hunter's horn. Is she broken? Maybe, maybe not. I just think there is more than people currently belive.