View Full Version : New UK guild

04-05-2005, 00:13
Started a new guild for any English speaking player who just wants to have help with quests and the like overall just want a bunch of like minded players
who just want to play the game and have fun and help each other out, let me know here and I will give you more info.

04-05-2005, 16:32
Hi, I would be interested in joining. Due to work/wife commitments - I will only be able to play infrequently - but do expect to play at least 2 evenings a week. I am just interested in teaming up for quests and having a bit of laugh.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,

04-05-2005, 19:33
I'm playing a character called Init The Smasher add me on friends (in guildwars) and we can take things from there