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04-05-2005, 06:30
I want to learn the spell "Fireball" but i do not know where i can get it,it is a skill that can be bought? or it only can be quested?If so where? and how the quest goes?thank you for your help ^^

04-05-2005, 06:38
i know its somewhere near the Gates of Kryta, if not IN the Gates.
Hope your search goes well. if you find it, post it in the Elementalist Skills thread.
Air Elementalist Extrordinare

Aurora Silvia
04-05-2005, 16:59
If I remember correctly I got it at Yak's Bend. Could be wrong, but I remember using it throughout that area

06-05-2005, 09:38
I think it is at Yaks as a sidequest....finish the quest and get fireball for free