View Full Version : runes?? in armor??

04-05-2005, 16:17
how do you tell where runes are and are unlocked???
hmm have yet to see one.
i guessing it is visible if it present?

04-05-2005, 19:17
When you identify salvage armor pieces(The armor from enemies that drop it like an Axe Fiend Armor) sometimes they have runes in them. The colors to these have to be either blue, purple, or gold. White are regular and have nothing in them except for raw materials. When you do identify one and it does have a rune it will say (runes name has been unlocked) These are for Pre-made PvP characters. You can then use an expert salvage to get that rune out but sometimes you don't always get that rune (has happened to me a couple times).

Shakurs Legacy
05-05-2005, 00:57
For rune listing look here:


and check out the salvaging section too to see which item can make runes

Tess Tickle
05-05-2005, 09:06
how do you use a rune?
i've got 2 and they say double clilck on them then select something

it wont let me select another item!!!

05-05-2005, 10:18
Best given by an example:

I play a monk/ranger:

I have a minor rune of healing prayers (monk), a minor bestmastery rune (ranger) and an energy storage rune (elementalist).

The only rune I could add to my armour would be the healing prayers one, the profession of the rune has to match the primary profession of the player.

To actually add the rune to your armour you have to double click on the rune and select an armour piece to add the rune to. Only 1 rune can be added to each armour piece. Major runes and superior runes come with a maximum health penalty which may or may not be worth the cost. You can only use 1 rune per attribute/effect, so you cannot use 2 minor runes to get +2. If you are using 2 runes of the same attribute only the 'higher grade' rune will have an effect.