View Full Version : Brilliantly dumb question

04-05-2005, 17:58
How the heck do I get rid of weapons and armor that are customized to my character...
I can't drop them
I can't salvage them
I can't sell them...

They are wasting space in my inventory!

Chantal Dubois
04-05-2005, 18:39
If they are starter items, you can click & drag them to drop on the ground when you are out in either a mission or explorable area (not in towns or outposts). There's also a little trash can on the paper doll interface (press I to see it) where you can drag the item over to dispose of it.

Later, when you are using items that you've found, you will be able to salvage them.

04-05-2005, 18:40
Drop them in the garbage icon (bottom right of your inventory screen) to destroy them.