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04-05-2005, 20:18
Well im pretty sure im picking up GW this weekend, and i played Everquest for 4 yearz or so, so im pretty in tune with RPGs and that whole mix. I was wondering how hard it would be to level up a guy to 20 and is it worth it for the abilities you gain that make you better in battle then an average PVP 20 when you fight em, i was thinking of making a Ranger(primary)/Necro(for my secondary) but not sure on how that would work out and what to put ability points into(My main char. in Everquest was a ranger so im experienced in this field and like it a lot) and do you gain anything with picking a ranger as your primary and secondary or you might as well pick 2 classes? thankz again all, hope to learn more as i go too.

04-05-2005, 20:49
You can't pick a Ranger as your primary or secondary so you have to pick a secondary profession. This doesn't mean you have to use the sec prof skills our add any to it's attribute points and just stick with the Rangers skills. I have done it for PvP with all Ranger skills for it's a very well balanced profession for its skills are a bit of everything.

For example it has Troll Unquent which gives health regen and Healing Spring which in a small area around heals you 15-52 health per 2 secs for 10 secs.
Then it has great dodge moves like whirling defense which for 8-18 secs you have 75% chance to block attacks.
For it has great condition moves like apply poison and incendiary arrows to give health degeneration to your opponent.
Last you have the ability to charm a pet to fight with you.
There are many others but I just gave you a brief description.

Of coarse they dont have great strengths like a Warrior who can tank pretty well or elementalist who can deal out great dmg to foes. But Rangers don't have many weaknesses either.

04-05-2005, 23:33
wait i cant pick a ranger as my primary profession? or just not as both, because i thought i could pick it as my primary and then go necro as my secondary.

Shakurs Legacy
05-05-2005, 00:48
he means primary AND secondary. Yes you can pick ranger as primary and go secondary as a necro

05-05-2005, 01:15
ok soundz good

Shakurs Legacy
05-05-2005, 01:48
yup...this game is quite amazing. Only one problem though....its ADDICTING as hell :surprise: