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04-05-2005, 22:51
hey my copy of Gw finally came in today and i played it all day. My friend has had it about 3 days and says after you complete a few missions you go into the real game? is this true or what does he mean. he says everything is diffrent and theres like 8x more people in towns and outposts. thanks alot


04-05-2005, 23:52
Hes talking about post-searing (I think its called that). When you are done with pre-searing which is like a training ground for people who are justing getting used to the game. When you decide to continue on you actually get into the game or more into the story. Then you can have groups up to 4 and then later up to 6.

Kinda hard to explain but once you leave pre-searing you will understand.

Shakurs Legacy
05-05-2005, 00:46
It's not really the "real" game..its more of like an advancement into the game. So no need to rush..just take your time and enjoy what you can and just continue on whenever you feel like it

05-05-2005, 05:58
He was referring to Post Searing.

In guild wars there are two phrases 'pre searing' and 'post searing' used to refer to the Ascalon City Region.

You will know what the searing is when it happens, I wont spoil it.

Pre searing is the more solo type area where you run around, do a few quests, and get all your beginners skills. After your ready you talk to Sir Tydus and enter the academy. Shortly afterward the searing occurrs.

Now after that you are now in 'post searing' Ascalon. It is where the true 'Missions' begin. The quests you have done before then are just that, quests. Missions are the actual storyline progression of the game.

06-05-2005, 17:35
ok i think i kinda get it but i am in old ascalon i think. everything is allbroken and stuff. Does it get like it used to be becuase i liked that more. i liked the enviornment more? does it get anything like that again. another thing is i went all the way to the end of a mission but didnt fini**** and i had to go. Do i have to do everything over again? thanks nitterik