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thrash punk
05-05-2005, 01:15
ive been on several forums on this issue, and i have only received contradicting responses, so ill give this forum a try

my pc specs

windows xp
512 mb ram
2.4 ghz proc
Intel 82845 G/GL chip (integrated)
cable modem internet connection

i am confident my pc will be able to run guildwars with these specs, EXCEPT FOR MY INTEGRATED CARD.

this integrated card has 64 mb of vram, so according to the number requirement for vram, its fine. but its integrated, and some people have told me ill be able to play it maybe at medium settings tops, and others have told me i wont be able to play at all.

i can play jedi academy online wiht no lag, unreal 2k4 online with no lag. but hten again i was unable to play republic commando due to some pixel shader or something.

so what is the true answer? can i even play at low settings?

05-05-2005, 04:15
Arena Net only supports GPUs made by Nvidia or ATI.

Their e-mail response is simply something along the lines of: "Tough luck, go cater to Nvidia or ATI(preferably ATI, because that's our brand of choice)".

However, I have posted a guide that shows you some methods of forcing it to work: