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05-05-2005, 02:08
Mmm im new to gw...and i need a good build cuz when i first started playing D2 i got screwed over by putting to many points into useless skills...so i dont wanna have to make 3-4 chars before i actually have a good char...
im thinking a fire based ele...supposedly loads of damage...XD
what skills should i get first? where should i lvl? what items would help a low lvl char? thx

06-05-2005, 23:26
well i played d2 for long time and rebuilding youre char 2-3 times is best option to me though, cause then you have all stuff and youre char is perfect to that specefic gear you use as you stated the char to the gear

and for GW, i only play since today and noticed you could only take points in mastery and thats so different of diablo 2 where you need "uber" gear and perfect stats to be a little good and as far i play gw till now you need only gear and mastery points and it depends who you duel :happy05:

and for lvling you get enough quests and, as i saw there not realy a "best" place to lvl as in diablo 2....
remember this is not d2 where you can do tristruns, tombruns, cowruns, baalruns.... and be lvl 90 in 2 days :rolleyes: , thats till now the fun in GW you must realy do somthin for youre lvl's and you must get skill what you need as i not in to dueling i play till now the story and want to try all the chars and try out some hybrids and wich would be best to choose :idea:

and DON'T think GW is the same as d2 read the manual as this is called a MMORPG~~

If i where you i would do the same, cause just asking for help and the "uber" builds is not even fun as you could better stick to d2 then


08-05-2005, 13:43
ive been playing gw 4 a week now. yes u should make 3-4 chars. then ull know the basics. and:
ele/mes, ele/m, ele/n ( nice dmg)
ele/r (good 4 pve and cuz of pets(keep the cat(ull get it in a quest) if u choose this. )
ele/w (why go combat when u have range?)

and keep different element wands. switch when its not working(ex.fire vs stone=death, water vs stone= :happy14:
and dont go to the academy untill ure lv 8(trust me, it gets dark)

08-05-2005, 16:12
First, there are no "bad" builds. And you don't need to make 3-4 chars to tune it. You can re-allocate your attibute points and get different skills. So the best is to find out by yourself.

Now, the El/Wa. Why is it bad? I think you can use earth spells for protection while bashing someone with a hammer/sword/axe. Maybe get one of those nice AoE that fire has and burn the heck outa your enemies.