View Full Version : i finished my Nec/Mes for PvE... ┐?┐?

Im Bogus
05-05-2005, 03:57
Primary Profession: Necromancer
Secondary Profession: Mesmer

No items used

Soul Reaping: 10 + 0 (61)
Blood Magic: 11 + 0 (77)
Domination Magic: 10 + 0 (61)

Total Points Used: 199

1) Vampiric Gaze (1.000/5/10e): Steal 49 health from target foe.
2) Blood Renewal (1.000/10/5e): Sacrifice 33% max health. For 10 seconds, you gain health regeneration of 3. When Blood Renewal ends, you gain 123 health.
3) Life Transfer* (2.000/30/10e): For 11 seconds, target foe suffers health degeneration of 7, which you gain as health regeneration.
4) Shadow Strike (2.000/8/10e): Target foe takes 39 shadow damage. If that foe's health is above 50%, you steal 39 health.
5) Wastrel's Worry (0.250/1/5e): After 3 seconds, target foe takes 46 damage. Wastrel's Worry ends prematurely if that foe uses a skill.
6) Energy Burn (2.000/20/10e): Target foe loses 8 energy and takes 8 damage for each point of energy lost.
7) Empathy (2.000/20/10e): For 16 seconds, whenever target foe attacks, that foe takes 21 damage.
8) * one of these (depends on party or enemy)

- Blood Ritual (2.000/2/10e): Sacrifice 17% max health. For 13 seconds, target other ally gains energy regeneration of 3.
- Power Spike (0.250/15/10e): If target foe is casting a spell, the spell is interrupted and target foe takes 75 damage.
- Shatter Enchantment (1.000/25/15e): Remove an enchantment from target foe. If an enchantment is removed, that foe takes 72 damage.
- Hex Breaker (0.000/20/10e): For 140 seconds, the next time you are the target of a hex, that hex fails, the caster takes 34 damage, and Hex Breaker ends.
- Plague Touch (0.750/0/5e): Transfer a negative condition from yourself to target touched foe.

this build has plenty damage shadow(nec) and caos(mes), and life steal. All this dmg ignnors armor so the enemy dies pretty easy while u recover much life. Also has some hex/ench control and thx to the soul rip u recover ur energy pretty fast once u kill someone. And the energy cost / cast time / recharge time are all well balanced.

AND: this is a PvE build.... so u can make some small fixes befor PvP.

Still, i havent played it so sugestions are wellcome... question: ┐does shadow dmg ignor armor?

05-05-2005, 08:07
Here's my PvE N/Mes build

Blood Magic: 10
Inspiration Magic: 10
Illusion Magic: 10
Soul Reaping 5

Life Transfer (Elite) Blood Magic -5/+5 Maguuma Stade
Life Siphon Blood Magic -2/+2 *
Unholy Feast Blood Magic Direct Drain Maguuma Stade

Conjure Phantom Illusion Magic -5 *
Illusion of Weakness Illusion Magic Heal Ventari's Refuge

Ether Feast Inspiration Magic Heal/Energy Drain *
Energy Tap Inspiration Magic Energy Gain *

Awaken the Blood Blood Magic Special Fisherman's Haven
Shadow Strike Blod Magic Damage/Drain Captain Greyhawk: North Kyrta Province



Im Bogus
06-05-2005, 20:31
some of the skills of my build are harder to get so i will give ur build a try for the start.

Dont u thing that Life transfer + life siphon is too much for drain ? the maximum neg/pos arrows from draining is 10 so theres no use in having Lt + Ls + Conjure p + illusion of W , cause just -10 is posible at the time. it will stack too much. ;)

but using inspiration magic instead of soul rip is good. i might try it. :thumbsup:


Im Bogus
06-05-2005, 20:33
other thing...

where do i get life transfer ??? and vampiric gaze ???

22-06-2005, 02:15
vampiric gaze u get from verata at the beginning of game XD
as for life transfer..its an elite skill..
u get it from ...somewhere (isnt it maguuma stade or am i crazy?)