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05-05-2005, 06:52
As a long-time Wheel of Time reader/fan, i felt it was my duty to start a WoT-centered guild :)

The Hundred Companions is recruiting under these requirements/guidelines:
- must have read at least one of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time books (or be reading one now)

- must be able to cooperate and play fairly with other guild members AND other players (we want a good, mature, guild image here!)

- Should have at least one charachter on your account with a name from the Wheel of Time. I'm not asking you to delete a current charachter if you are full, but if you restart a charachter or delete to make a new, while in the guild, you should give it a WoT name.

- I dont care what level/class you are, this guild is not some elitist "only level 20s and we need lots of monk primaries" type guilds, The Hundred Companions is simply here to provide a fun group of WoT fans/readers a nice mature guild to play in.

- If you wish to contact me ingame, you should whisper Forsaken Mesaana and as long as im not completely busy i should respond within a short period of time.

If you are not a Wheel of Time reader, yet, you should jog down to your local bookstore and pick up the first volume, "The Eye of the World". The whole series is a VERY lengthy read, but well worth it.

On the topic of the guild itself...
Currently, we DONT have guild capes. I just blew most of my cash on obtaining most of a set of Knights armor for my warrior. I have around 800 right now, but have a few 1-2k gold trades still being bid on so in several days i should have a goodly sum of money to pay for a cape.

It gets even better. Not only do we not have a cape (yet!) but i havent obtained a guild hall yet either. Having a group of 20's to do Hall of Heros and win a sigil would be nice, however i'm not a PvP char as of yet (im still missing 2 armor pieces and a decent sword)

On the good side of things, i have a webserver and a decently good internet connection in my bedroom, so i will be able to put up a fully functioning website (with forums, news posts, all the jazz) alot sooner than guild capes or a guild hall will happen.

Just spreading the word,
Anarki (Forsaken Mesaana ingame)

06-05-2005, 22:33
This is a little off topic here I know, but...sweet! I'm glad to see another WOT fan starting a guild. I am currently the guildmaster of a baby guild comprised of a whopping 2 members. Both huge Jordan fans though. Please PM me a link to your site when it gets off the ground and feel free to stop by our dinky little corner of the net. http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=32540&TabID=290865 Gotta stay free for now, :( so... it's not that great, but it gets the word out. Almost forgot! Our guild is called Rahien Sorei- it's Aiel for "Dawn Runners".

Awesome guild name BTW...

06-05-2005, 23:32
just got my guild website up yesterday.
the site is located at:

if its slow, i apologize, its running on the same server as my other site as well as a boatload of other services and stuff.

the HC guild also only has 2 members at the moment, so it looks like we are in the same boat. :/

I think the HC guild will be a pretty balanced mix of PvP and PvE, but it depends on the members that join, i guess.

08-05-2005, 02:12
Update: a finished trade on rpgtraders.net gave me a bit of cash so i could finally afford guild capes...next on the list: celestial sigil for a guild hall :)