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05-05-2005, 12:06
Hi all, I am currently looking for a Guild, It must :
1. Have a Guild Hall
2. Have a Guild Cape
3. PvE Guild
4. 10+ People in it

I am :
1. Level 13+
2. Very Active
3. Ranger/Monk

My username is Bulls_Eyez, please post in here if you want me to join your guild and send me an invitation after you've posted here :bow:

Dark Mind
05-05-2005, 14:18

I'm the founder and leader of Renegade Assassins [RA] and I think you may be interested in joining our guild. We have a newly accquired hall, and are currently focusing on PvE, although, once we get through the game, we'd like to start working on PvP.

I'm pretty sure we have 10 people now. Most are around lv13 and close to "Henge of Devrani" our highest player is myslef (E/Rlv20) but I've been going back and helping people/getting them items, so we really like working as a team.

We have a little website: http://www.bellsouthpwp.com/g/w/gwrenegade.com

You can check that out if you want. There is join info there, but if your interested, you can pm me on this forum or meet me in game. (name is Dark Mind)

Happy Hunting