View Full Version : What makes GW a great game?

05-05-2005, 19:03
Greetings from a WoW addict. I've capped my World of Warcraft Palladin and am wondering what I should do now......well not completely true. :) Actually I am participating in high level Instances on occasion. Anyhow i felt the need of some MMORPG perspective and picked up Guild Wars yesterday. Playing with character creation but I have not really started playing yet.

Could any of experienced players tell me what makes GW a great game? What are it's best points and it's weakest points? And what is really cool is if you also have WoW experience for comparison.


05-05-2005, 19:15
I have not layed WoW, but...

Good things:

Balanced Classes
no recurring charges.
instantiated maps, meaning no fighting or dealing with lamers when you're trying to simply play the game.
Pretty stable.

Bad things:

Economy is a little wonky.
Some of the game gets a little repetative, since you'll likely play through it multiple times with different chars.

Taxus Baccata
06-05-2005, 09:43
Never played WoW, the monthly charges put me off, so the best thing about GuildWars is no monthly charges!

The best thing about GuildWars is it make me think about how I am going to win, rather than just get the biggest, sharpest axe I can find. Only being able to take 8 skills, what kind of enemies will I face, how can I dovetail with the rest of my team, that dynamic changes everytime.

GuildWars is the biggest time sink I have played in a long time. Whether it has longevity, only time will tell.

The only problem I have encountered is finding English speakers on the European Servers.