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Torm Shadowbane
06-05-2005, 07:45
I'm new to Guild Wars -- I just started playing the day before yesterday. So far I am really enjoying my Warrior/Monk. However, I am not sure if my "build" is going to be very good. My character has a duel purpose: to take and dish-out damage. That being said I need advise on this build:

I am focusing on three main areas: Swordsman Ship, Healing Prayers, and Smiting Prayers.

Swordsman Ship: 12
Healing Prayers: 9
Smiting Prayers: 9

7 Points Left Over
I put them in Strength (3) and Tactics (1).

I am going to use the following skills:
Sever Artery
Signet of Judgment (Elite)
Bane Signet
Symbol of Wrath
Live Vicariously
Balthazar's Spirit

One of the problems I run into, and this is mostly because I am a newbie, is that I am unsure if I can use three enchantments or not. I only have two Energy Regeneration -- so using three will mean I will Degenerate. However, that shouldn't be a real problem unless I for some reason cannot use more enchantments than I have regeneration.

Here is how I plan for it to work-
First thing I do is cast Balthazar's Spirit, that will allow me to gain adrenaline and energy every time I take damage (so being a warrior and a tank that means I take a lot of damage so this will effectively become my energy regeneration). I wait to get full energy again and cast Mending which will give me two health regeneration. At this point I have -no- energy regeneration at all. I then have just enough energy to cast Live Vicariously which will allow me to gain 8 health each time I hit my target.

Now, I enter combat and every time I take damage my energy and adrenaline (thanks to Balthazar's Spirit) will regenerate. With my two other enchantments my ability to last longer without healing is nearly tripled. When I get the chance I can then use Symbol of Wrath (the only spell I have other than the enchantments) to effect all nearby foes.

I have two smiting signets for additional damage, both with an knock down effect, and for melee I have Gash and Sever Artery. The sword is the fastest weapon (or so I've read) so that should work well with my Live Vicariously Enchantment. (The faster attack, the more I regenerate.)


Now, if for some reason I can only have two enchantments then I will take the following setup:

Sever Artery
Galrath Slash
Healing Signet (grants me 48 health, no mana, fast recharge)
Signet of Judgment (Elite)
Bane Signet
Live Vicariously

Similar process as above. I cast the two enchantments on me, then use my signets as much as I can, as often as I can (using the Healing Signet as needed). Galrath Slash can be swapped out with another skill that I need depending on what I am doing and where I am going. The Healing Signet may also be swapped out if it is necessary.

Is this a fairly strong build? The purpose is to take as much damage as possible while having the ability to deliver a good amount of damage as well. I am looking for a build that is strong in both PvP and PvE. Any suggestions or thoughts?

06-05-2005, 21:22
Shatter Enchantment will pretty much destroy you.

Kamazon The Wild
06-05-2005, 22:05
You're destined to be the cookie cutter class of the game.

06-05-2005, 22:23
i play war/monk and have a very effective build...

Take off ALL smiting prayers and strength, and put it into tactics, get ureself an Uber shield I.e Shield of the wing armor 16 + feats.

if u do have any points left add that to strength, for armor penatration dmg,
here is my build

Swordsmanship - 11 +1 (rune of swordsmanship minor)
Tactics - 10 + 1 (Gladiators Helm)
Healing Prayers - 8 / 9

Skills (So far)

Pure Strike
Final Thrust
Sever Artery

Healing Breeze
Vigourous Spirit (i think its called)

Armor + Weaponry

Weapon: Fiery Dragonsword Of Fortitude, 15 - 22 dmg, +14% dmg, +21 hp

Shield: Canthan Targe +30hp, 4 energy, +16 armor

Armor: Full Gladiator Armor (For energy) +1 For Minor Vigor Rune

Total Energy : 31
Total Health: 451

(this is at lvl 16 by the way, think what it'll be at lvl 20 =)

07-05-2005, 03:27
I have questions about this combo as well. As a lvl 14 W/Mo Right now I have: 10+1 points on hammer, and 6 points on strength. I havent really found any good monk spells to use so far. Everything seems to heal/help a ally a little, but with the warriors limited energy, it seems best to just let the real monk cast those. I have almost all warrior skills in my bar. Shadowbane, I'd like to know how you have that many attribute points so your able to put them on these:

"Swordsman Ship: 12
Healing Prayers: 9
Smiting Prayers: 9"

are you like lvl20 or did I miss out on a lot of atribute points as I lvled up or wat?

Anyway I need some ideas as to how I can use my monk part better. Right now I just tank with my hammer, and use hammer skills. But i think theres a better way, actulllay using some monk skills. I'm up to lions arch, and I have 10 skill points so I can learn a lot of monk skills, (I've already learned all the warrior ones I could find,) I just need someone to advise me on what skills I should learn, and which ones are actually benefical to a W/Mo in combat.

07-05-2005, 03:36
I'd drop smiting prayers all together and just take Swordsmanship and Healing.

If you decide to do that, you should use combos like..

Hundred Blades + Vigorous Spirit

Torm Shadowbane
07-05-2005, 06:12

I used the program called "GW Freak's Character Builder". It's on this website under files. Check it out here: http://www.gwonline.net/files/

I based my build off what my character will look like at level 20. As for your question, the best advise I can give is use skills based on how you intend to play. The reason I am using the Enchantments in my Build is because I have been soloing and using the henchmen a lot. I want to be self-dependant. I use the Henchmen mostly on Quests and Missions as cannon fodder and extra damage.

I may change some things around once I decide to begin grouping and make my skills more "group centric". Although, I think my character would also do well in a group -- especially if there is a Monk there. He doesn't require healing often or unless he is swarmed by monsters.

My typical strategy is this, currently: Rush into combat trying to gain the attention of as many melee's as possible. Attack a healer/caster. Cast Symbol of Wrath. (AoE DoT Smite that does a total of 80ish damage currently.) The Elementalist Henchmen also normally casts his AoE spells at the same time. This significantly weakens if not kills all monsters around me. My final job is to pick off any casters then focus on any straggling melees. That and hope the stupid Monk doesn't get herself killed.

My current setup looks like this:
Sever Artery
Signet of Healing
Bane Signet
Symbol of Wrath
Live Vicariously

I cast mending on myself, then wait till my energy is full again and then cast Live Vicariously. That will leave me will 10 energy to play with (well actually 15 energy because I have a shield that has +5 Energy on it). Anyway, I don't use Symbol of Wrath unless it is going to be a big fight and there are a lot of melees. If I can grab the attention of the Melees before the Monk does then they will surround me.

I have Resurrection to bring my Henchmen back to life if I need to. I have Signet of Healing just in case I have to make an emergency heal. Some times it can save you some times it can't. It's helped me on more than one occasion though.

But like I said... it all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. I enjoy my current build although I can't say this is what I am going to stick with, so far it seems pretty strong. The only thing I really have to watch out for are those evil little Mezmers who like to strip my enchantments. Thankfully they don't last long and when I see one, I go after it first. However, overall I am pretty strong against all other classes. The only real way I end up dying is by a swarm. I can easily take on 3 or 4 monsters at a time and by the time the last one falls I'm full health and moving on. :P

07-05-2005, 08:09
My W/Mo uses mainly sword skills, and his only monk skill is Mending. (Lv 3, +2 hr)

I've been soloing since forever... except for mission. It is also difficult to solo when you encounter foes that uses tons of degen and shatter enchantment. In Druid's overlook right now, and back in the Charr day I could take 5-6 all by myself (if there is only one overseer/shaman or chaot around), any right now, I could only take 3 at one time, and had to actually use more skills (Healing Signet mainly).

Still, the cash flow is quite neat with all the soloing.

07-05-2005, 12:20
Your huge problem is the two enchantments. Especially with no otehr energy regeneration. After casting both (and having enough time between casts to regenerate a little energy), you'll have about 2 energy or so. To last the rest of the fight. With only two Adrenaline skills, you'll render yourself almost useless (don't wish to sound rude).

The energy demands required are too high for this build to make it fully useable. You could take both enchantments, but you'd have to hope they don't use Shatter Enchantment and you'd have to remove any other Energy skills from the build.

Healing Signet is a tough choice to bring. Sometimes it has it's uses, other times, it's the death of you. It takes a long time to figure out the best approach to use it.

If you brought Mending and Baltahzar's Spirit, you should be alright as the Energy gain is enough.

07-05-2005, 12:47
My W/Mo set up . . .

Hammer Mastery - 12 + 1
Strength - 9 + 1
Healing Prayers - 8
Tactics - 5

Mighty Blow
Staggering Blow
Counter Blow
Crushing Blow / Sprint
Endure Pain
Healing Signet

Knights Armor w/ Stonefists

I am ALWAYS the first person to aggro the enemy, ALWAYS the first to attack, and ALWAYS the last to die (if I do indeed die, 4/5 I make it out and rez the rest of my party if we get mobbed badly). I basically throw up Mending right away, make sure I always have it on, and just go to town. If everything goes well, the Monk should have no problem keeping me alive while I tank mobs, meaning I rarely use my Healing Signet. I just sit and chain my Mighty, Staggering, and Counter Blows all day, and if I equip Crushing I do the knockdown + Crushing Blow combo. I hit Endure Pain when I really take a beating fast to give the Monk ample time to heal me. In PvP, I switch out Crushing Blow for Sprint and pretty much chase the enemy Monks around all day, keeping them busy so they can't rez or heal.

This build uses hardly any energy at all, which is just as well, because energy stores are not a warriors strong point. I tend to shy away from skills that use up all adrenaline from other skills, as I find that chaining the ones I have work alot better. The idea could probably be better accomplished some how, especially with some elite skills to choose from (I have none), but I haven't gotten around to experiment much with this idea, and this is working very well for me so far.

Hope any of this helps anyone.

Torm Shadowbane
07-05-2005, 14:56
Thanks for all the replies. It's been helpful. I'll probably do as advised above and swap out Living Vicariously and find something to replace it. I'll probably stick with smiting/healing/swords, however. Once I get to level 20 (maybe in a week or so) I'll post my current build to reflect how my character is doing.

This information is really helpful. Thanks for the replies.

Oh, and I should also mention this for those that do not know:
Your enchantments end once your energy is dropped below zero. I've learned that if you have several enchantments going on at once (like me) it's best to take some time to build up a "buffer" -- some extra energy. Some monsters (and probably some players -- I really haven't PvPed much yet) have an energy draining attack which they seem to use more frequently than their shatter enchantment spells. Just be warned.

As for the Healing Signet, I've found that it's best to know when to use it. If I am taking on a lot of monsters at once and I am taking damage pretty fast, I use it early before I drop below 200ish Health. If I am getting close to death (60ish health) I use it. If the monk is still alive that will buy her enough time to hopefully throw a healing on me. Otherwise, I use it in a vain attempt to finish off the monster before I am finished off.

However, like I said above in my previous post I usually don't die unless I am swarmed.