View Full Version : How do I advertise Looking for Group or find people LFG?

06-05-2005, 19:59
I've only played a few hours and I'm still in the newbie zone. I'm getting concerned that I haven't seen an easy way to find people who want to group, or similarly, advertise my willingness to group.

One review I read of Guild Wars said you find group members by clicking on anyone you see and inviting them and hoping they accept. Surely there must be a more graceful, productive way of grouping? Hopefully something that makes it easy to find people of your same level or doing your same quests?

I've looked through the available interface windows but still don't see anything. Please tell me I'm just missing something and don't have to randomly invite people and hope we are the same level and have the same quests to do.

I've searched various forums and sites looking for an answer, so I'm very hopeful someone here will explain what I need to do.

Thank you,

06-05-2005, 20:49
There isn't a very simple way to do this. Especially in the newbie area, where almost everything can be done alone if you want.

Spamming main chat is the way most people handle this, which works, if not gracefully.

Later on, it's a little bit easier to form groups, because each mission has its own staging area - so you have greater confidence that other people are at that location for the same reason as you.