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06-05-2005, 22:50
Actually, i'm not talking about a bug exactly, but more like a feature request discution .... i tried to send it directly to anet and ncsoft, but they answered that this should be discussed on fan forum first, and the bug forum seemed to be the most appropriated:

Thank you for contacting Guild Wars Support about this. We encourage you to consider posting your suggestions on one of many of the Guild Wars Fansite message boards. A compiled list can be found here (http://guildwars.com/community/default.html). By posting on one of these message boards, other players can comment on your ideas, concerns, and suggestions, and Development Team members are able to catch up on what the community wants to see in Guild Wars. Fansite forums make it easy and efficient for us to learn from those playing the game.

so what i would like to propose is a way to copy paste a quest name in chat, by using something such as a shift click ... and the same for object, as you can see in WoW ...

the thing, is i would like to see that, not because i'm especially lazy (even if this would save some key typing ;-)) but because in guild wars people are using clients in very varied languages (and this is especially true in european realms i guess ;-)), and if you want to party for a specific quest, you may have no way to guess that the italian or german guy who is speaking in chat, is also wanting to do that quest, 'cause he'll have copied it in his own language.

But with this feature, the quest name could be localized within the client and this would help communication.

What do you think about it ?

thanks for your time ...