View Full Version : about guild capes :D

06-05-2005, 23:45
well i got this question already few times, and answerd with several answer who all where different :(

so now i try asking here~~:

i am in a guild, can i design my own guild cape?
if the leader has a guild cape all capes must be de same?

tnx already

ps. gonna read the manual before sleeping :lol:
ps2. is there coming some kind of trading forum??


07-05-2005, 00:05
no... the guild must ALL have the same cape its like a coat of arms

07-05-2005, 03:41
Your cape can be designed (different logos, color combos and cape ends) but the cost is 2000gold. Once paid, every member that joins is automatically given your cape.

07-05-2005, 09:34
i am just a member so if i create a cape the whole clan gonna have that cape??

and if so it means that our leader not has cape yet as i could design one :confused:

so only thing i must hope if our guild gets a cape it must be a nice one :p


07-05-2005, 15:03
i started a guild last night, designed an awesome cape, but only have 300 gold hehe. good luck on your cape