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Blood Haven
07-05-2005, 05:47
id like to know what a very good sword is to get for my N/W character. Also if you could tell me other items that would be useful for this class. I know its my opinion, but i would just like to know yours.


07-05-2005, 10:22
one sword I can recommend is the one you can get crafted for you in denravi (the 4th city). I believe the stats are something like:
14-21 (req. 9 mastery)

the energy certainly helps out and the damage isn't bad^^ the price for crafting is a little steep though (2000, ouch ;o). You can also get foci crafted there that come in all attributes and +10 energy, 5 defense. the extra certainly comes in handy if you plan on being up front and swinging^^

Blood Haven
07-05-2005, 18:28
thanks for the reply. do you think that is the best sword i can get in the game for my character? also, what exactly is foci? lol

07-05-2005, 22:11
Its certainly a very good one o.ob Its more in tune with the mage swordsman type of setup a N/W commonly works with^^ There may be better swords for damage, but as far as i know, the denravi crafted is the only sword with +5 energy o.ob

foci are just the secondary mage item that you use in place of a shield. They usually give energy and sometimes some additional properties like improved skill recharge or hp^^

The Luxon Pride
07-05-2006, 16:48
u cant get tat sword anymore :(
i would use quivering blade
or vampiric swords such as victo's blade

The Slaughter House
26-06-2006, 03:07
vampric shadow blade of deathbane

27-06-2006, 13:26
If you have Prophecies only, you should get a Totem Axe. It's a new Prophecies green dropped by Root Behemoths in The Falls. (Maguuma Jungle).
It has perfect enchant and sundering mods, and +5 energy.

You can get +5 energy weapons in Factions in 2 ways.
There is a crafter inThe Divine Path, and the Necro boss Cultist Razajan in Unwaking Waters (explorable) drops a +5e icy green sword with 20% enchanting. It's called Razajan's Fervor.
If you know someone who's beat the game, you could get the sword crafted, but that's 10k.

The Luxon Pride
27-06-2006, 23:32
i would get victo's blade and shadestone

Disgruntled Architect
28-06-2006, 01:26
I carry a shield :( . . . I find that between Soul Reaping and Bonetti's defense, energy management isn't usually a problem.

Sword-wise, I use Victo's Blade, mostly; it looks good in my necro's hand, and the vampiric damage helps to offset the lesser damage he does in melee due to not being a warrior. I also carry an icy dragon sword, which I can switch to when I cast Spinal Shivers; this can completely shut someone/thing down, provided you have enough energy.