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Billy Boy Mccoy
07-05-2005, 16:04
has any one got any good second profession monk ideas, getting the game soon and played a beta weekend, but just wondering i want monk as primary but am not sure for secondary?, i was thinking elementalist but am not usre if this wold be a good option. any ideas would be helpful.
just adding that i will be teaming up with a ranger/necromancer and a elementalist mesmer. (my two buddys)

07-05-2005, 17:00
I'm currently playing a 11 monk/mesmer. Right now, I intend to put all my attributes into 3 monk specs. I'm planning on splitting my attribute points into 3 different things. I'm trying healing/protection/divine favor at the moment. I use the mesmer "snare" ability illusionary burden to hinder someone who is attacking me and back away from them in pvp.

I think there really is no best answer for your question. It all depends on your play style. GW seems to be a very flexible game.

* Do you want to be the big healer and defender of group? Then you might want to spec like I am doing.

* Do you want to heal and add range damage? Then you might want to try elementalist or ranger as secondary. You could do perhaps healing/fire/divine favor.

* Do you want to heal and add melee damage? Then you might want to try warrior as secondary. You could do perhaps healing/warrior skill of your choice/divine favor.

* If you want to buff hitpoint and prevent damage, you could switch out healing as primary to protection.

That's my two cents worth. I have not played a high level monk nor have I tried any combination other than monk/mesmer yet so keep that in mind. I'm sharing what I understand of the game so far from personal experience and observation in arena play.

I'm going to experiment with healing/inspiration (mesmer)/divine favor sometime soon.

I am so pleased with the flexibility of this game. Being able to reallocate our attributes anytime that you want is such an awesome feature in a MMO. We can try different things and find the one that suits our playstyle the best.

07-05-2005, 22:04
I would say either a ranger for its support skills, Mesmer/Necro for attack spells, or warrior for upfront attack

Princess Sabrina
07-05-2005, 22:38
I'd go with a Mesmer - here's what a Mesmer has to offer you!

Suck opponents energy away quickly, a spell to heal yourself for a lot of points and take away opponent energy quickly. I know, as a monk, you can heal others real well with the "other" type spell, but healing yourself can be a burden. This fixes that.

Most importantly, Mesmers have the skill "fast casting," which allows you to make you cast real quickly. If you put some skill points there, you can be rezzing people in upwards of 3 seconds and healing much more quickly too.


A ranger would be a good combo too. With a ranger, you could have a pet - which could easily save your life many times. A mob attacks you, you target that mob, pet attacks mob - you back up. A ranger also has a good self regen spell you could stack with your own targetable one to help keep yourself alive. Rangers also have a whole host of abilities that would be quite useful.


Personally, I wouldn't choose a warrior - as a "healing class" in other games, at least, I don't want to be in risk of getting killed - it would kill my group. I think the same is true in Guild Wars... being a warrior gives you an even greater chance of getting hit beyond the already high chance because your healing your group - and you'll be targeted real quickly in the arena too, you don't want to be purposely going closer to your opponent LOL.

Maximus Dominus
07-05-2005, 23:05
I remember I wanted to be different from everyone so I went with a Hammer Warrior....now everyone is that...so I tried again....Mo/R....now everyone is starting to pick that up....ahhh!! lol

Mo/R is a good choice I think, stay in the back and heal meanwhile throwing in some good damage arrows in between.

07-05-2005, 23:12
I have to contend wiht a lot of what Sabrina said :(

1) Healing yourself isn't too hard to. Use Healing+Divine Favor...Add in the Skill Divine Boon. You can spam orison to heal yourself for 150. That's not bad. I also doubt ether feast can match that.
2) Fast Casting = Mesmer Primary. Can't use it as secondary mesmer...so ignore that whole concept.
3) Rangers, stacking regens? How much self regeneration do you intend to use? At high healing, healing breeze = 8 regen, mending is 3 regen...Thats already past the max. Sure you can contend with people hexing you, but wouldn't it be easier to just bring remove hex?
4) Mo/W is not a bad combination, if for no reason other than the fact that in PvP Monks are such hot targets. Think about it, enemies target you like woh. Now you can contend a bit with incoming warriors, while having large energy reserves to keep yourself healed. Maybe add in something like hamstring to ease your escape?

At any rate, something you may wanna consider is this. As a healer, if you're a strong support type healer, Elementalist has a lot of generally untapped resources. The wards are excellent. There's also a lot of self survival skills (armor of mist/frost/earth, mist form, etc). Also being an ele secondary enables the glyphs. If you're really finding yourself strapped for nrg, you can turn a 15nrg cost spell into a 5 nrg cost spell with the lesser glyph. That can be a big help.
Also, Mo/N can have some nice advantages, such as raising minions to act as meat shields or being able to cast wells for your party.

Probably my top picks are Mo/R and Mo/E, with Mo/Me being a third. The fact is, it really comes down to your play style. I've played a Mo/E for quite a while, though I'm considering Mo/R a bit now.

Oh PS: About Mo/R...be CAREFUL about pets. If you can't keep your pet alive, you may be killing your whole group. When your pet dies, your skills are disabled and in a tough mission, that means people are dead.

07-05-2005, 23:28
...Most importantly, Mesmers have the skill "fast casting," which allows you to make you cast real quickly. If you put some skill points there, you can be rezzing people in upwards of 3 seconds and healing much more quickly too...

I also recomend using a mesmer as you will be able to use skills that drain their energy and give you health for it, or simply drain their energy and give it to you. Their slows are also really nice.

In regards to the quote above, if you use a mesmer as secondary you will not be able to use fast casting.

Billy Boy Mccoy
08-05-2005, 17:03
well i am more of a supporting role when i play so elementalist/ranger/mesmer would probly suit me , i am not sure about mesmers though, as i have not had experience using them, what would be their main benefits? in beta i was monk/elemntalist and that seemed to work well yet i didn't really play much as an elementalist.

08-05-2005, 17:42
I have always used monk/elem. Has great ability to go full support for your party or to help lay the smackdown. The only trick is you need to just go with 1 element and keep more focused on your monk skills.

08-05-2005, 21:22
heh go with either elemental or mesmer secondary if you are a healer.

elementals - as wolfie said use defenses: ward's, armor of earth, etc.

mesmers - can steal energy but i don't like the 3 sec cast on energy tap. any good mesmer would interrupt you right away. if you don't get distracted like me too much i guess you could power drain in the middle of healing.

i made a healing/protective monk and just used secondary to collect skills :p

Taxus Baccata
09-05-2005, 10:54
No one seems to have mentioned Necro, you what to stack regens? you want to heal yourself? you want to surprise that Warrior who thinks your weak?

Current build,

lvl 11 Mo/Ne, Divine Favour, Healing Prayers, Blood Magic.

Orison of Healing, Healing Breeze, Heal Party, Resurrect, Vampiric Gaze, Shadow Strike, Dark Pact, Life Siphon.

The first four speak for themselves, I use Vampiric Gaze over Vampiric Touch so I can stay out of melee, Shadow Strike steals health, and does bonus damage if the target is over 50% health, double bubble!
Dark Pact is only 5 energy with a short cooldown, in combination with either life siphon or Healing Breeze its sacrific effect is negated.

Of course you could go curses, and use Parasitic Bond, Faintheartedness, Soul Barbs, etc.

Time to use my fourth character slot to make a Necromancer me thinks, Pre-Searing here I come !