View Full Version : PvE and PvP (the questions continue)

07-05-2005, 17:36
im about to get the game soon, i just had one question to ask, is there seperate characters for PvE and PvP? or can i use one for both? and which ones should i start off with?

one more n00b question, whats the E in PvE stand for? :confused:

07-05-2005, 22:43
You can make a Roleplaying character that can play both PvE and PvP or you can make a PvP character that's limited to certain PvP areas and can't acces any PvE content. It's the best to start off with a Roleplaying character so you can get a hang of the game and unlock things for your PvP only character. Lastly, the E stands for Enviroment.