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07-05-2005, 20:28
Class: Mesmer / Elementalist

Attributes: (cost) '+' indicates Rune attributes
Fast Casting: 10 (61)
Domination Magic: 8+1 (37)
Inspiration Magic: 8+1 (37)
Air Magic: 10 (61)

Total attribute points used: 196/200

Skills: [Attribute] (Energy, Cast Time, Recharge TIme)
1) Air Attunement [Air Magic] (10,2,60) Enchantment: For 52 seconds, you are attuned to air. You gain 30% of the energy cost of the spell whenever you use Air Magic.

2) Whirlwind [Air Magic] (10,1,20) Spell: All adjacent foes take 45 cold damage. Attacking foes struck by Whirlwind are knocked down.

3) Enervating Charge [Air Magic] (10,1,8) Spell: Target foe is struck for 35 lightning damage and suffers from weakness for 15 seconds. This spell has 25% armor penetration.

4) Shatter Delusions [Domination Magic] (5,0,10) Spell: Remove one Mesmer hexes from target foe, that foe takes 51 damage.

5) Empathy [Domination Magic] (10,2,20) Hex: For 16 seconds, whenever target foe attacks, that foe takes 20 damage.

6) Ether Lord [Inspiration Magic] (5,2,20) Hex: You lose all energy. For 8 seconds, target foe suffers energy degeneration of 2, and you experience energy regeneration of 2.

7) Spirit of Failure [Inspiration Magic] (10,3,10) Hex: For 30 seconds, target foe has a 25% chance to miss with attacks. You gain 3 energy whenever that foe misses in combat.

8) Mantra of Recovery [Fast Casting] (15,0,30) Stance: For 15 seconds, spells you cast recharge 50% faster. This is an elite skill.

My goal is to do some decent damage and still be a pain with hexes with kind of an anti-warrior mentality. Threw in some stuff for energy regeneration but dont know if there is anything better to use, or if i have anythign else missing. Any tips would be a great help. Oh and dont just tell me to go Ele primary :p

09-05-2005, 10:05
I'm thinking Mantra of Recovery might not be the greatest choice. Youve got some good energy costs going on, and speeding up the process so much could make you see a lot of down time.

You might sub in another energy reclamation skill since you have a decent Inspiration level.