View Full Version : using runes?

08-05-2005, 10:21
how do i apply a rune? i have a rune of major vigor i want to use it but dont know how and also how much is a major rune of vigor worth incase i sell it

08-05-2005, 13:38
That could be very valuable. Check RPGTraders to get an idea of the price you can get for it. I say you could fetch up 1000g or more.

As for using it, you need to double click on it and place it on a piece of your armour that doesn't already have a rune on it. Be warned that if you don't put it on yoru final armour and you wish to upgrade the armour later that you'll need to use an Expert Salvage Kit to have a chance of getting the rune back.

Xak of the Blade
09-05-2005, 20:50
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10-05-2005, 01:35
To add. If you choose to keep the rune, save it until you are sure that is the piece of armor you are going to be using for while (or forever). Dont waste it in a piece of armor you plan on upgrading out of.