View Full Version : New in GW, some Questions about Monks^^

08-05-2005, 13:00
ok, im playing GW for a week now, my primary character is a lvl 13 ele monk
i play support classes in every game im able to, but gw is a bit different, so i got some questions
firstly, i spent all my attribute points in Healing prayers and energy strorage until now, they are at 10 now, is this ok or is there another attribute i should raise?
how about blesing spells, i got a bunch of them, but dont know which would be the best or eather if i should use them at all (because they are canceled really fast)
i didnt used them until now and we (me and my friend, n/r)made it to the frost gate whitout bigger problems ^^'

so what do u think?
id really like to hear some veteran monks here :D
p.s: im thinking about starting a monk/warrior, do they have any chance to survive

08-05-2005, 17:10
monks/warriors rock. Ask D I L T S ( a guy in game) I have a monk/necro that is great, and hes the best caster ive had.(its really fun to play)