View Full Version : Help me make a none W/Mo

08-05-2005, 21:19
I want to try out a warrior for a profession, but not the normal W/Mo that almost every war uses, I want to try something else but still be a good addition to a group

I was thinking a pet owning W/R or a blood magic W/N but I want to hear others opinion on the good none W/Mo combo's

Also what is the most used and most ununused weapons out: Hammer, Axe and Sword

08-05-2005, 23:19
W/N are powerful.

Most used = Sword, then Hammer, then Axe in that order.

09-05-2005, 10:03
W/N specializing in Blood Magic are quite formidable. I was one for a while (later I switched to a W/Mo), and I must say it worked very well. I focused on life stealing skills, using Life Siphon and Vampiric Touch, along with Well of Blood, which makes your party VERY happy. The obvious tactic was to start battle casting Life Siphon, fight, and then if you needed to gain more life use Vampiric Touch.

The draw back to this is that its SERIOUSLY energy intensive (or atleast my build was). Vampiric Touch is 15 energy to use, and you will probably want to have enough energy to use this when you need it at all times. This effectively limits your attack skills to mostly adrenaline skills, which is unforunate because there are some very useful energy based warrior attack skills. And if your getting teamed on and have your energy drained (which will happen more and more often as you progress through the game), well then you're pretty much screwed. Using life leech skills also means you have to be attacking an enemy to heal yourself, which is a serious drawback when you are trying to avoid enemies but are under fire anyway.

The lessons learned? Carry an upgraded Healing Signet with you everywhere, this skill rocks for any kind of warrior. Use Gladiator armor if you want to be a W/N, otherwise you will be severly limited in your skill options. Oh, and being a warrior, that means you will inevitably be the tank in your parties, which would inhibit you from using Blood Magic skills that sacrifice your life, for obvious reasons.

All this being said . . . its very fun to play as. (And trying to spam Vampiric Touch when you're blinded is a neat little trick too).

Taxus Baccata
09-05-2005, 10:38
I am using W/R at the moment, Althought this does not suit my style of play. The intention was to be melee combat focused, not using a bow but using the beast mastery skills to take a pet with me.

Personally I think that W/N is very powerfull, many Blood Magic and Curses skills bypass or negate armour to directly effect health. Whatever you choose as a warrior, watch out for running out of energy.