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09-05-2005, 00:13
Journal p23.

The time has come... The time for action. The time for retribution, of cleansing, of war... The pain of our history and the deaths of thousands shall be rewarded with the blood of our enemies. For centuries our kind have lived in peace and prosperity, as one with our surroundings. But it has been a long time since those days and now the visions of those horrid creatures haunt our children at night.
We have watched silently for many years, as those beasts fought amongst themselves. So arrogant in their ways that they must war with each other. As their numbers have dwindled, our armies have amassed. Countless thousands of our bravest and most fierce now line the barrier that keeps us from our destiny. It is time to take back what is ours, regardless of the consequences. On this very hour, our eldest and wisest of Shaman have gathered in their prayers and with hundreds of burning effigies scattered along the countryside, they will make the ultimate sacrifice to bring glory to our nation once again. These thieves and villains shall be torn by fire, raining from the heavens. Even if it means losing that which we hold most dear, the land these beasts now inhabit...
We wait here together, to witness the destruction of our enemies. To see, first-hand, the fear held captive in every eye as the flesh is cleaved from its bone. We shall destroy what they have, as they have taken it from us. This very moment I can feel my blood surge. The time is drawing near and they have no idea. The time has come for peace, no matter what the cost...

Journal of Krash Bloodletter
-Charr General-