View Full Version : Suggestions for a DoT R/Me

09-05-2005, 04:04
I've got the general idea down, but I could use some fine tunning.

I've been using Penetrating Shot with Apply Poison, Phantom pain, Conjure Phantasm and Illusion of Weakness for some health management as well as troll ungeant but something seems missing.

im wondering if some people could help me out with this basic idea, fine tune it like i said and give me an edge, i just feel like im wasting points into wilderness because i dont see many of the builds on the forums here using it.

an idea ive been tossing around is using epedemic with Phantom pain, apply poison, and either fragility or fevered dreams(when i find it) but i just dont have the experience with this build. any help would be greatly appreciated.

a possible combination with melandru's shot(again when i find it) is also something ive considered.