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09-05-2005, 08:20
i have the 82845g intel grapics card and im pretty sure ive found a way to run it for now but i should be upgrading what pci card for 50 to 100 $ should i get that will run this game good here is my full specs

p4 2.6 gigherts

768meg ram

and that awful beast that is intel lol anyway thanks for reply in advance :uhhuh:

09-05-2005, 13:37
Not sure what you need help with. I run with a 256 meg ATI PC card and it works great with the latest drivers. I would say if you can save up some more money and buy the better card. The thing to watch out for is to make sure when buying a card is that your power supply can handle it. I think most reccomend that you have at least a 300 to 350 watt power supply. All I can say is shop around check you local best buy, circuit city etc You should be able to pick it up on sale.

09-05-2005, 19:18
how do i check what power supply i have??

09-05-2005, 21:01
Should say on the back of your computer, or on a sticker on the inside the computer itself on the power supply.

09-05-2005, 22:56
on your PSU you will notice a table with voltage specs on it. If you have 20 in the +12 column you will be able to run any card up to the current 6 series nvidia cards. I think if you're close to that then you should be able to run a less demanding card with no problem.

10-05-2005, 00:40
I am using the same series as you and I exp no problems.

then again

just overclocked CPU to 3ghz...

11-05-2005, 06:55
so u run with the intel 82845 grapics?? what do u have game set on if u run with that