View Full Version : Any uses for a W/Mes as a caster killer?

09-05-2005, 09:36
i've made a w/mes thats around lvl 12 for a while now and notice in the boards, this build isn't that common. im trying to stay away from the w/mo variations as it is quite common for soemthign different in pvp. has anyone used one in pvp with good success to target casters like other mes/ele/mo? problemm with my build mainly lies in that my energy is quite low so i can only carry 1-2 good mes skills with me while i use axe/adrenaline based skills. any tips from in game experience will be helpful in having faith this build is viable.

09-05-2005, 17:06
I use a W/E with some success as a caster killer with my knockdown and interruption skills. I imagine a W/Mes would be even more effective. Try it out! I really thought hard about choosing between W/E and W/Mes because they both struck me as really effective combinations.

For energy, I use almost all gladiator armor and a 14-21 longsword with +5 energy. You can craft the sword in the Henge of Denravi. I get more than 50% more. It keeps me as a part elementalist sword wielder fairly secure. I can usually use the skills I need when I need to use them, although I do steer clear of skills that use more than ten energy.