View Full Version : help with 'internet chat headset'

09-05-2005, 23:33
Where do you plug in your headset? I have a 1 slot for it , exept there are two cables. Ive never tried anything like this before since this is my first online game.Im talking about the collectors edition headphones.

10-05-2005, 13:03
You plug the green or black connector in to the speaker output and you plug the pink into the microphone input. Now just because I had to help out most of the members in our guild you might have to go to your sound options and got to properties and make sure the mic is checked. For some reason XP does not have it enabled. So after its checked make sure the mute is not checked. Then after that is all said and done I found some people do not talk as loud as others you have to go to advanced controls and under the mic volume and turn on the mic boost. Hope it works for you...