View Full Version : My War/mes

10-05-2005, 09:59
Hello all... I have built a War/ Mes is my first char and with no pre-planning appears to be doing very well. They key I have noticed was take avery quest I come across and do them one by one... Although I am a member of a guild I tend to play games with henchmen, (because I am greedy and am trying to farm loads).

Anyway.... I think I have a good balance of skills.... using mes skill -conjure phatom - (or something) that really causes damage long range and coaxes enemies to me, then a power strike a couple of hits then my adrenaline kicks in for some decent damage. It is really working very well!!!!! I have no real issues yet, is there anything that i need to know before i get too cocky?

Also I need scales? where can you get them post-searing?