View Full Version : expertise... for R/Me

10-05-2005, 11:43
I was just wondering what would be a good "ideal" ammount of expertise a R/Me should have?

I'm currently aiming for a high markmanship (10, 12 with runes), and about 5 expertise. However, I am just wondering what is an "ideal" ammount of expertise for an anti-caster R/Me?

any opinions are welcome.

Azrus Revell
11-05-2005, 15:01
When I design builds, I do a 10/10/11 split. I focus on 3 attributes, sticking 10 in two and 11 in the attribute I intend to get the most use out of. It works out great for me. *shrug* :)

11-05-2005, 15:59
I'm running 14 right now
+1 mask, +2 rune, 11 skill

You honestly need as much energy as you can get your hands on - most of the useful Mesmer abilities take up half (or more) of a ranger's maximum energy