View Full Version : how to be the most annoying person in pvp...

10-05-2005, 14:12
I haven't been there yet, but this is what i'm aiming for:

Note: This is a Me/N idea and should not be played... by anyone

First, i'll probably drop my wand... and pick up a bow with energy regen.

Secondly, here's the skills:

Backfire: Duh.

Signet of Weariness: I am determined to use this and so it goes in. Draining energy from a lot of people can be annoying.

Hex Breaker: Protect yourself from other annoying people.

Power Leak/Block: This is a matter of taste. Both of these are extremely annoying and both love to hurt monks. In any case try to get one of them asap

Life Siphon: Oh yeah, this will do it. I love casting this on everything in PvE, i see no reason to not do the same in PvP :) Besides, you'll need it later on

Vampiric Gaze: You'll need this one too.

Malaise: I personally think this is a fantastic skill. Monks hate it.

Mark of Pain: Combine this with main-assist and your bow... Giggle-rific

Ok, now, before you go into PvP, alt-tab out of the game and open your music player of choice. Turn on "Woo-Hoo" by the 5,6,7,8's and set it on infinite loop. Go back into game and just try to not die in the arena :)

As for point distribution, share them among domination, blood, and curses, everyone should have an equal oppurtunity to be annoying.