View Full Version : Do not see glowing characters or bosses

10-05-2005, 18:48
(intro :P)
I play GW with a friend only; this one time he mentioned that this particular boss was glowing. I thought he meant he simply had it highlighted, and thought nothing more of it.
Then, just a few days ago, I downloaded a GW user video from this very forum, and noticed a big Earth Ele boss glowing red! Then it hit me that bosses were supposed to glow, as were some characters... When I told my friend, he was unsure of why I wasn't experiencing the glowing feature.
So, we went to Surmia and did the mission there, (as there was a boss nearby to test my Graphic options on). He typed out his settings, and then set mine to that, still no glowing. I even set EVERYTHING on 'High' setting, and still no glowing.
It really isn't a big deal, but still I would like to experience the glowing, as he told me; you can see glowing bosses from far away--which would be helpful.
(end intro)

So, has anyone else experienced this problem? Or does anyone have suggestions of remedying it?

And just now that I thought of it; it could be due to the settings I have my nVidia (GeForce4 440 w/ AGP8x) set on... if those could affect the glowing?

Thanks for anyone whom replies. :D