View Full Version : Trick to capture Power Block

Van Tomiko
10-05-2005, 20:44
You can capture this from a boss named Lyssa's Cursed in Perdition Rock. Go to this location.


and finally .......


When you arrived at the first location. Sometimes you`ll see random boss which are :

1) normal flesh golem
2) melandru's cursed (ranger flesh golem boss)
3) Balthazar's cursed (monk prot flesh golem boss)
4) Grenth's cursed (necromancer flesh golem boss)
5) Dwayna's cursed (monk heal flesh golem boss)

If you doesn`t see Lyssa's cursed (mesmer flesh golem boss), keep going back to Ember Light Camp and restart the mission. Go to the same spot on the map i posted. It`ll spawn randomly. Happy hunting.