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11-05-2005, 06:42
I'm having a bit of difficulty for my healer character..

E/Mo for more mana?
Me/Mo for more heals?
Mo/? for the extra healage (no idea how it works, is it 10% of normal heal?)

Help! Thanks in advance. =)

11-05-2005, 09:29
well, the way i look at it, E/Mo's will undoubtedly be able to cast heals a higher number of times, but the divine favor bonus will make up for it completely. for example, take orison of healing. Say it heals for about 60. with high divine favor, it will heal about 93 or so. So elementalists will have to cast it 3 times for every 2 times that monks do. Now, with their energy storage bonus, it will use up about the same % of their total mana. so the only real difference is in cast/recharge times. also consider, however, that this only applies to direct heals. with something like healing breeze, elementalists will naturally be able to pump out the heals longer.
so if you do go elementalist, i would recommend using the longer enchantment spell (can't remember the name :( ) to use healing breeze and other stuff like that and avoid direct healing. just work it out with the monk in your group so that you just breeze everybody while he sticks to orison/word/other.

hope this helps!!

Taxus Baccata
11-05-2005, 12:00
For every rank in Divine favour any spell or enchantment cast on you or an ally heals for 3 health + the effect of the skill used. This does not include Signets.

For example
Divine Favour at 7 and Healing Prayers at 7
Orison of Healing heals for 43 + 21 Total heal of 64.
Healing Breeze Regens 6 for 10 seconds + 21.

There was some complicated maths on this site about this some time ago as were to go Mo\El or El\Mo. But I think it boils down to personal choice and what you are more comforable with.

11-05-2005, 12:24
this post has little relevancy to the thread, but i need to vent somewhere.

i started off as monk/ranger focusing on healing, wilderness survival, and marksmanship. it worked fantastically before kryta. however, by that time, i was using only the monk skills. in order to be more powerful, i decided to dump the ranger aspect and fill out the other four slots of my bar with more monkage. but now.. i just dont know what to choose. i'd love to be able to put three enchantments on each of the melee fighters... mending, strength of valor, and balthazar's thingy, but of course i only have four energy arrows to spend and i can't be the tank (and get energy through balthazar's) so i have to keep some regen, and therefore i can only spare a couple of enchantments, and therefore mending generally takes priority over anything else. maybe if the group had TWO monks we could work something out...

so here i am thinking i'm going to focus in healing, smiting, and protection, but damn, i really need some more skills before i can safely say just what i want to do with him. it's all so confusing. the protection skill, shielding hands? (the one that reduces damage for 10 seconds by X), has too long a recharge time to take up a slot on my bar. >:/ in fact, that seems to be a theme in the protection spells.. they either have very long recharge times or suck (except some of the condition removal skills). i mean, they'd be fine as a last-ditch effort at protecting one person, but once those 10 seconds are up, he's just as toast as he was before, and you dont have that skill to use.

im trying to get healing hands (looks nice but, again, long recharge time), but i absolutely hate the D'Alessio Seaboard mission, and i can never seem to catch any of the bosses in a mood to use it. ARGH!

but anyway, what i was thinking is that i can dump protection and add to divine favor instead... maybe... at least GW lets you change your attributes often.

i still can't find heal other >_<

11-05-2005, 17:08
Lately I've been running as a protection monk. I feel much more effective than when I had my straight healing/divine favor build. I maintain 6 enchantments at the same time. I put life bond on 5 people and then run divine boon. This means I always have -2 energy regen. When it gets really hairy I can put life bond on one other person for -3 regen, but that gets difficult to maintain.

I use blessed signet to keep my energy up. With 12 in divine favor I get back 18 or 21 energy every 10 seconds. Life bond prevents about 45% of damage taken by the group. Usually one other monk and I are more than enough to keep a group of 8 alive in PvE. I still have enough energy to cast Word of healing, Reversal of Fortune, and I mix in Signet of devotion too.

It is annoying to cast Blessed every 10 seconds but its very effective. I may even switch over to Mo/Mes so I can run Mantra of Inscriptions for faster signet recharge. With the mantra I should be able to keep life bond on all 7 people, plus divine boon, and possibly retribution on a tank or monk.

This build may not be very effective in PvP, because it is very weak against hex and enchant removal. But last night in the tombs went very well. More testing needed....

11-05-2005, 17:51
hm. maybe it will all be clearer once i get some of those skills you mentioned. right now i only have two or three skills that use the protection attribute. ;P

11-05-2005, 23:14
I'm having a bit of difficulty for my healer character..

E/Mo for more mana?
Me/Mo for more heals?
Mo/? for the extra healage (no idea how it works, is it 10% of normal heal?)

Help! Thanks in advance. =)

I had my doubts also about divine favor until I put some points into it. I'm currently level 13 and I believe I am 8 or 9 healing and 6 or 7 divine favor (I'm at work so can't check). My orison heals for about 50 or little more and then the divine aura adds another 40+ to the heal. It nearly doubles the amount healed. The really cool thing about divine favor is that ANY spell you cast has the extra healing attached to it. For example, if I cast remove hex on someone, they get that extra 40+ heal in addition and it only costs me an additional 2 power. When I cast heal party, every party member healed receives the 45ish heal plus an addition 40 because of divine favor.

In short, if you want to play a main healer position then you really should use monk as primary. On the other hand, if you only intend to mainly heal yourself or serve as an emergency healer, then you should select a different primary and take advantage of their profession specific skills ( like warrior strength, elementalist increased power, etc.)

Hope that helps.

12-05-2005, 03:04
If you are going to be a Primary Healer Mo/? is the place to be. Divine Favor greatly increases your hps, not to mention that a slightly bigger heal can mean life in some instances where without the boost you/they would have died!

Besides, monks can boost up their energy alot if they play their cards right. My level 18 monk has 51 energy, which ain't bad at all :)

(For those who are curious as to how I do it, tattoo armor set gives a total of +7 energy over the cloth armors and I use a +14 energy unique staff)

12-05-2005, 03:17
What everyone hasn't mentioned is that divine favor has a whole tree of spells that boost your healing powers. It's totally the way to go if you're going for straight healing.

I picked up a +23 nrg anhk yesterday and it sealed the deal.

Divine Boon is good early, it acts as a +60hp spell for 2 nrg.

Divine Healing - Heal yourself and nearby party members for 10-210 health. for 10 nrg, way better than heal area.

Plus, you'd have to explain to everyone that you're a primary monk instead of just having people adding you to their groups when you're walking around.

12-05-2005, 03:53
+23? I'd really like to see a picture of that.

And yea, a bunch of Divine Favor skills rock, though I don't really like Divine Boon that much. We did the math in another thread and it just isn't cost effective.

12-05-2005, 05:41
+23? I'd really like to see a picture of that.

And yea, a bunch of Divine Favor skills rock, though I don't really like Divine Boon that much. We did the math in another thread and it just isn't cost effective.

Off hand energy items go up to +27. Just for fun I went for as much energy as possible for my monk. Right now he's at 70 energy, but with only 2 pips of energy regen. I normally start a fight with this set up and then, once I've run out energy, switch to my 50 energy, 4 regen set.

12-05-2005, 11:34
You should start the other way around, using the 4 regen kit, then when you need the energy to keep casting swap to the 70 energy kit. You will have netted extra energy thanks to the regen you had whilst casting the spells to bring you down to 50 energy. You can then always swap back when you hit 0 energy with your 70 energy kit to continue as you've described above...

13-05-2005, 02:27
Thanks alot everyone =)