View Full Version : Changes to the Look of armor?

11-05-2005, 15:04
I just went into the section that shows all of the different types of armor you can get/craft and where to find the crafter for it.

It looks like there is only one female "pants" outfit - The Adept's Armor in Ventari's Refuge. Has this changed?

I love the Elementalist but Hate the armor for the female. I really like the look of this Adept Armor and wondered if this information has changed or if this is the Only place you can get a crafter 'recipe' for it? And the only 'level' where it is available?

And is it Only the Trim that you can dye to get different colored armor?

Also - can you "trade" armor with other players or is it attuned to you? In other words - could you pay someone to go to Ventari's Refuge and buy you some armor?

11-05-2005, 20:59
I probably didn't give this thread a very good subject heading?

Anyway - I just read that some of the "Armor Crafting Recipes" are outdated and wondered if this is true? And if it is true - is there a newer list somewhere of what the Elem Armor looks like?