View Full Version : My Me/N Build...non-pvp...Help Needed.

Enthraller Thanatos
11-05-2005, 19:30
Alright...I see tons of threads for PvP stuff but none for main game...just thought i'd ask...

This is how my mesmer/necromancer is built thus far.

Fast Cast+4(+1 from mask)

What I'm doing is basically using soul barb, empathy, and other hexes I have to stack some nice dmg on...I then use vampire skills to drain life totals from 30-50. I also use the skill which sacs 10%hp and does 23 or so damage, for cost of 5...I'm currently in up to Yak...

I'm almost 13 now...I'm wondering if the road I'm taking is alright...I know i can rebuild over time, but i'd rather just do things right...I enjoy using dom and the taps...

Should I continue raising blood and domination equally...will I be finding skills that are "staples" and make my character do real nice damage. Should I continue to raise Curse slowly? Possibly raise it to 6 or 7 and leave it....Should I raise fast cast to 5 and then leave it?

Anyone have any experience with the build I'm aiming for? I appreciate any help really...help build wise, but also what skills to use and what not.

Thanks ahead of time :)

12-05-2005, 05:23
Well if you want to go Blood and Domination primarily, eventually Life Transfer would probably be your elite choice. You could use Vampiric Gaze and one other life sustaining skill of your choice. In PvE I even took both Siphon and Transfer before. I would use Siphon primarily and Transfer when I really needed health.

Domination it depends wnhat your doing. If your useing Curses as well you should probably use curses that hinder your enemies like Faintheartedness, Enfeeble, Mark of Pain, Shadow of Fear and the like.

Domination really depends on what you wanna do. Backfire is good for damage against casters in PvE becuase they will allways cast through it. Empathy is great for the melle monsters. You should probably use Domination as a source of damage for PvE, and the other two as more supportive roles. Blood magic supporting you, and Curses supporting your whole team.

12-05-2005, 16:51
I man be a full for doing this but as I lvl up I tend to concentrate all my point on one skill category instead of splitting it between 2 or 3. I end up doing more dmg/sec but have fewer skills to choose from. Itís a fair tradeoff and I think it makes lvling a bit faster.

As far as what to choose, well with Domination you have no way to heal yourself so you rely on the monk but I tend to think that your dmg output and overall contribution to the group is much higher. With Blood you have tons more survivability but your dmg output is a bit lower.

If you find yourself in a group with monks a lot, go with Domination and pump that baby all the way, and if you want to go with for self efficiency go for the Blood.
Bottom line is itís always your choice, so have fun with it and see what you like more.