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11-05-2005, 19:33
Ok ive done alot of reading and searching but alot of my questions are implied or they is very little info on them, i want something concrete. (im getting the game tomoro and i want to know what im doing properley)

First how do you start a guild?
how much does it cost ETC

Second how to get a guild hall?
ive heard you either fight in the HOH or buy one sigil for 30k
can someone explain this properley please?
what do you fight in HOH do i only need 1 sigil?

Third: with or without a guild hall of your own, can you steal/capture another guild hall?

In the standard roleplaying is there an option to fight it out with someone you dont like? like an arena or something (i am aware you cant just PVP each other in normal game)

Last but not least does any clan starting within the next few weeks have any sort of chance of becoming top or near top?

regards for replies

EDIT: im think if a elementalist/mesmer does anyone recommend this combination. Willl i be able to level up on my own or will i need a freind (warrior) to protect me.

11-05-2005, 20:59
1. I'm not sure for I never created a Guild but I do know that if you want capes you need 2,000 gold for that.

2. You do need the sigil to have a Guild Hall. You can either buy 1 or get one in HoH. In HoH you make up a team of 8 and start from the bottom and work your way to the top.

3. No you need a Guild Hall to GvG

If your talking about 1v1 PvP there is nothing like but maybe in future they might add it but I doubt it.

4. Yes but you have to GvG a lot to get your ranking up.

Any combo my oppinion is fine. In the pre-searing (begining) you wont need anyone but once you get to post-searing (when you actually get into the game) any proffession needs as many players as your allowed to form a group up to.

11-05-2005, 21:40
So if i get a guild hall what does a guild war involve. Can you steal or capture there hall.... can you kill them and steal things from the hall. Im not saying im going to but i just want to know to prevent stuff from being robbed from my clan (im thinking ahead :D)

I think the idea of stealing another guilds hall And a 1v1 PVP (if both parties agree) would be excellent adittions to the game if there not alrady included.

WHO do you fight in the HOH, is it one match or do you have to fight like 30 to get the sigil. What do you fight,, beasties other guilds etc.....?