View Full Version : Advice on my ele/mes pvp build

12-05-2005, 09:06
well i havent actually gotten the game yet as its sold out so all this is only in theory

Level: 20

EnergyStorage: 10
AirMagic: 11
Inspiration: 10

- Chain Lightning (Air Magic)
Target enemy and up to two other enemies near your target are struck for 76 lightning damage. This spell causes Exhaustion.
Energy:10 Cast Time:2 Recharge:20

- Blinding Flash (Air Magic)
Target enemy is Blinded for 8 seconds.
Energy:15 Cast Time:0.75 Recharge:4

- Lightning Javelin (Air Magic)
Send out a Lightning Javelin that strikes for 30 lightning damage if it hits. If Lightning Javelin strikes an attacking enemy, that enemy is interrupted.
Energy:10 Cast Time:1 Recharge:5

- Lightning Orb (Air Magic)
Lightning Orb flies toward target enemy and strikes for 76 lightning damage if it hits.
Energy:15 Cast Time:2 Recharge:5

- Elemental Attunement [Elite] (Elementalist None)
For 45 seconds, you are attuned to air, fire, water, and earth. You gain 50% of the energy cost of the spell each time you use magic associated with any of these elements.
Energy:10 Cast Time:2 Recharge:60

- Mantra of Resolve (Inspiration)
For 70 seconds, You cannot be interrupted, but each time you would have been interrupted, you lose -4 energy, and Mantra of Resolve ends.
Energy:10 Cast Time:0 Recharge:20

- Inspired Enchantment (Inspiration)
Remove an Enchantment from target foe and gain 11 energy. For the next 20 seconds, Inspired Enchantment is replaced with the Enchantment that was removed.
Energy:10 Cast Time:1 Recharge:0

- Power Drain (Inspiration)
If target foe is casting a spell, the spell is interrupted and you gain 21 energy.
Energy:5 Cast Time:0.25 Recharge:25

could anyone care to give me some comments