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12-05-2005, 09:59
So there I was last night, playing away - did my searing thing (yay thanks for the previous advice) and realised that virtually everyone around me was speaking german.

Nothing wrong with that, apart from I dont.

That made me wonder if there is anyway to choose a "server" at all, or are all Europeans players lumped together and I was just unlucky?

Also I realised at the top right of my screen there seemed to be something that was a drop down list that said European xxx and at one point there was 17 listed all with the same name just numbered at the end 1 - 17. What does all that mean?

Now I will admit this may be in the guidebooks that came with the game, but unfortunately I had an incident with a spider dropping from the ceiling and a pint glass of diet coke being knocked over in the shock, all over the books :(

As well, I am still struggling to find a UK/English speaking Euro guild and although I have done searches on the guild forum on this site, it doesnt find it (hell tbh it doesnt even find any posts with UK in it, and I know of 3 I manually found), so are there other websites/forums dedicated to Euro players?

Laeya Broganie
7 Mo/W

12-05-2005, 10:12
if you know english but not a significant number of other european languages, you might want to consider changing your terriroty to america (edit account). it may be a little "dishonest", and/or you may not like leaving behind your fellow europeans, but it's the best way to make sure you're always surrounded by english.

cities are split up into districts to control population in the city. you can move through them freely, except that you can only go into the districts specific to your territory (american/european/korean) and the "international districts". if you want to meet up with a friend who is in a different territory, you can do so in an international district, but you can't enter the american districts unless you are in the american territory.