View Full Version : Nec/Ranger - Minions and Fertile Season

12-05-2005, 15:09
I have been reviewing the Necromancer as a primary, and Ranger as a secondary.

I am looking to focus on Soul Reaping, Death Magic, and Beast Mastery.

My specific question for those of you that know for sure, rather than those that may simply want to guess is as follows:

Based on this description of Fertile Season...

Create a level 1-8 Spirit. For creatures within its range, every creature's maximum health is increased by 50-474 and they gain +24 armor. This Spirit dies after 30-78 seconds.

It would appear that Animated Bone Horrors would have their HP increased as well, correct?

If so, would their rate of degeneration remain the same, or does it degenrate at the same percentage loss. That is to say, if I had a 100 HP Bone Horror, and it was losing 5 HP per second (5% loss per second), and I increased its HP to 200, would it continue losing at 5 HP per second (2.5% loss per second), or would it lose at 10 HP per second (5% loss per second)?

Thanks in advance for the answers of those of you who have tried this already and witnessed the effects of what i am asking.

12-05-2005, 16:41
Degeneration is a flat rate, & so yes, they would live longer.

I would really like to see more experiments like this that combine minions with the nature rituals. Since the spirits effect everything in thier radius, numeric advantage offerd by minions & pets becomes a crucial factor to gaining advantage from the spirit.

13-05-2005, 01:13
Try Bone Fiends with Favor of the Winds. Now THAT is a lot of damage.