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12-05-2005, 15:42
so heres my story. I heard a bunch about w/mo's being gods are farming. and then i saw the video that showed someone rune farming. I was amazed, So i decided to make one. My me/mo cant farm very well, and w/mo is just a blast to play. I know that i want to be sword, but what else should i be? What i was thinking was something like:

11 sword
10 healing prayers
7 Strength
7 Tactics
3 smiting prayers

thats around what i was thinking, ends up using ALL of the att points :p

any ideas? comments? I pretty much have a template for skills for farming (from the video), but i wasnt able to see the attribute points that the person had (ok ok i know im a copycat, but i just dont care :) ) I may go home today and try and see what the att points are, but mainly the strength/tactics thing is whats getting me. Which should i possibly put more points into? or should i keep it even like this? What the benefit of having one over the other and vise versa?


Azrus Revell
13-05-2005, 01:09
Whenever I design a template, I use a 10/10/11 attribute split.

My W/Mo works great for farming, my template will be:

Sword: 11
Strength: 10
Healing Prayers: 10

I'd suggest focusing on either Tactics or Strength, not both. They've actually got very similiar skills, and there are shields which are Tactics or Strength specific, so you don't need Tactics just to use a shield. On another note though, my W/Mo doesn't even use a shield, I have a +12 Energy Healing Ankh.

Smiting though.. that's an interesting thought, I think it'd really depend on what you're farming. I don't think the Smiting skills would be incredibly useful against normal monsters, however, if you were farming some of the Lion's Arch missions, it could be useful, since Holy spells deal 2x damage to Undead.

*shrugs* Just my thoughts on the matter. :)

Good luck!

13-05-2005, 06:09
Just run Tactics. Gladiator's Defense and about 3~4 other skills like Healing Signet and Cyclone Axe allow me to farm 7~10 lvl 24 Flesh Golems at a time with absolutely no problem. Easiest mobs on the planet, and they drop great loot.

15-05-2005, 07:18
Have a link to said video? :idea: