View Full Version : N/W Weapon question

The Kitchen Sink
13-05-2005, 02:36
I'm thinking of a n/w build focusing mainly on blood magic, I'm just wondering what type of weapon would best compliment its skills...sword or the axe?
I've prefered axes on my warriors generally for the decent damage and cyclone axe..


13-05-2005, 06:49
Hmm, well since your using skills like Life Transfer and vampiric skills...

it doesnt matter, I say go with Sword because of the Sever Artery + Life Transfer would put your enemy close to 10 pips of degen in a few seconds.

13-05-2005, 12:54
I'm using axe because it's too much fun. And with the rare axe I have that goes well with Necro skills I kill when I smile...or something.

13-05-2005, 13:49
I am currently using a wand, because of the +3 energy, and holding something with +6 energy in my other hand.

Have not had to use a sword yet (prefer to stay back out of the way) but who knows. I'm only level 4, things may change for me in post. But the more energy I have, the better, I figure.