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13-05-2005, 07:39
Hello everyone.

I am seeking some advice on a build i have been trying to figure out. It involves using skills'spells etc. that center around the use of blindness as a focal point and having abilities to do damage from the attackers missing etc.

Some of the abilities i have been looking at are things such as Empathy (mesmer) backfire (mesmer) clumsiness (mesmer) ineptitude (mesmer) price of failure (necro) blinding flash (elementalist).

I guess my question is..can a build be made around such status affects and still do decent damage and have survivability. Whether it's necro/mes or mes/necro or mes/ele or ele/mes. Or possibly any other archetypes that might have a better system to support such a build. I am new to GW, played some of the BWE's but never got to experiment much really.

So if anyone can help me design a build, I would be grateful for any assistance. Mainly looking for something a bit different from the norm. This is mainly for PvE.

Thanks everyone for any help or information that you all can give.

13-05-2005, 08:44
Well Initially in my mind i think it would be cool to mess with this build as a Mesmer/Necro or Neco/Mesmer.

If you went that route you would most likely be a supportive type build instead of mass direct damage though, and you highlighted damage as one of your concerns. See with the Necro you would go Curses for those nice miss skills most likely. You could slow down some attackers and hex the rest, but youd end up being pretty suportive in that sense, but blindness is really a support condition. It's not offensive, but defensive in nature...but it plain rocks against targets that derive their damage from physical sources.

But the damage part inclines me to say Elementalist would probably suit your desire better. Obviously you are going to want the Air Magic tree and consider the skills: Blinding Flash, Enervating Charge, Glimmering Mark and Conjure Lightning, and a few damage focus skills.

Blinding Flash blinds, as does Glimmering Mark (elite). Glimmering only blinds for 3 seconds but it effects all enemies in the area...in PvE, you will get most of the mobs of mellee monsters in the one blast. I listed Conjure Lightning with it to ensure you were doing lightning damage, as the 3 second blindness trigers on each damage, though you can also use offensive spells to trigger it. You should be able to use Glimmering with very little down time and trigger it with either your wand or offensive skills.

Enerating Charge causes Weakness which is good against physical damage based targets as well, thats why I listed it.

From there round out the build with some nice damage and then you can pick either Mesmer or Necro for a few skilsl to further your idea of making the target miss. If you dont invest a lot into Energy Storage the Mesmer skill Spirit of Failure can give you a source of energy if you spread it out in the begining of a battle.

That would be the damage route.

You could sitll put out damage with a Me/N or N/Me useing Select Domination or Death Magic skills in conjunction with your IIllusion Magic and Curses, but you wont be able to output as much damage, and you seemed concerned about that, thus I spent more time explaining the Ele route.

Hope that aids you.

Welcome to the forums.

13-05-2005, 09:02
Thanks Tsume for responding and providing such a detailed and informative post.

I guess I was concerned about damage since I was not sure how much I would be soloing etc. Not sure how hard or easy it is to find people to hunt with. So was concerned about my survivability, figuring more damage meant quicker kills = less chance of dying. Since I am new to GW am not so sure about this theory though.

I do enjoy playing support type characters. I have in many other realms. So when I read your idea on support it did intrigue me. The skills i listed before were just ideas i had when reading through the skills..and some listed saying..if X-mob misses takes Y-damage with a base % chance of missing. The reason I listed blinding flash (elemental) and ineptitude (mesmer) was cause those cause pure blindness (from what I read Blind is base 90% miss rate??? not sure if correct) but that means the X-mob would thus take more damage due to missing more often for Z-seconds. Think the ability was from Necromancer Curses line (Price of failure) that dealt with this miss chance = damage.

Then I also thought the blindness could be used to good affect for such things like Empathy (mesmer) as well. Empathy doing Y-damage every time X-mob attacks. Thus it being blind would miss most times = less damage + it would still take damage just from attacking miss or not.

All in all, support or soloability/survivability, not sure where this kind of a build would be best suited or viable at all. Or how available half the skills are. The Me/Nec seems like it actually would be more able to survive with some skills in Blood to heal with or something..not sure about that really. Since never played one. Or to which Primary is better suited over all. Nec as Prime or Mes.

As you can see..I think to much and probably over analyze everything *chuckles* but I find enjoyment in trying new things and seeing if can make odd things work.

Thanks again for your input and advice. If you have any more that can enlighten the situation I would be grateful.

13-05-2005, 11:36
This following post probably shouldn't be in the Mesmer forum but I had a funky idea for a Ranger/Elementalist doing this actually and combining it with Air Magic touch skills (and knockdown) for damage.
You basically take a lot of points in Expertise for Throw Dirt and to lower the energy cost of your touch spells (since they're listed as "skills" and not "spells" Expertise will work with them) and then you use skills like Shock and Lightning Touch (and maybe Whirlwind) to hurt your enemy up close (if you still use a bow, you can even use Oath Shot as your elite skill to keep them blinded pretty much permanently, plus if you do this you get to have Whirling Defense/Lightning Reflexes on yourself pretty much all the time...that way it's pretty much impossible to be hit by melee or arrow attacks.
Off course the weakness of this build would be when the enemy starts casting spells on you...for this I think you'd have to rely on the support of your party members but no build's perfect :)