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13-05-2005, 08:42
hi all,

ok here's the situation with my computer at home...

when i run guildwars (some other 3d games as well) it hangs after a while
most of the time it just freezes and i gotta reset the cpu
other times it auto-reboots itself

usually after reboot, my files get corrupt and i gotta "repair" guildwars and downloads new files. sometimes it only redownloads a few (5 or 6) files to repair. occasionally after restart the corruption is so bad that the files i have to download are 1100++ files (whole directory corrupted?) and i just reinstall
sometimes, the repair doesn't work very well and certain classed turn into white coloured cubes running around...

when i run other programs (word/photoshop) etc everything runs well and i dun get crashes. mainly games will hang on my com after maybe 30mins or 1 hour of playing... also when i download BIG files off the net (100+ megabytes and above) these files always give me CRC errors...

SOOOOO... i'm trying to figure out which of my hardware is giving the problems...
i've concluded its either:
1. hard disk drive - corrupted
2. video card - something wrong (no idea what though overheating? or drivers? i've installed latest drivers and it doesnt help)
3. cable connecting HDD to MOBO... faulty?

can anyone help me suggest what to do? i'm inclined towards that my HDD is corrupted and in turn its screwing up the driver files and corrupting the game files and thats why everything starts crashing...

i need some help regarding the heatsinks on the video card as well... what r the heatsinks and what do they loook like? cos my vid card seems to be @ like burning temps when it runs guildwars

any help would be appreciated! thanks!

13-05-2005, 14:36
Another possibility to add to your list, assuming you are using an IDE harddrive, if the IDE controller on the motherboard has gone faulty, that can cause files on the harddrive to get corrupted. It's not common, but in my years in the IT industry, I have come across it a few times.


14-05-2005, 21:47
What kind of motherboard is this? Are you overclocking your CPU. It's no secret that there's a likelihood of data corruption when a CPU is running too hot.

I'm putting my money on faulty memory. With games and large downloads, bigger chunks of memory are getting used. When you fire up things like Word and Photoshop you aren't using as much memory, so you may never see the corruption if your data doesn't wander into the faulty zone. If you ahve multiple sticks, try rearranging them and note if the behavior changes. If they're big enough, try removing one or two (assuming you have that many) and note behavior again. One other thing, are you mixing memory size/type/brands? This is also known to cause stability issues as different memory doesn't always play nice with each other.

The other possiblity is your HD. What brand is it? The major HD vendors all have diagnostics utilities that will test the integrity of reads/writes to/from your HD. That should tell you if something's wrong.

Incidentally, video cards and all things associated with them, cannot cause file corruption. They can cause graphics corruption (artifacts) if overheating or faulty pipelines, etc. but not the kind of corruption you're describing.

15-05-2005, 02:15
Some utilities to run diagnostics on your memory, so you don't have to move them around...right away at least.

All should be freeware:
DocMemory - http://www.simmtester.com/PAGE/products/doc/docinfo.asp
Memtest86 - http://www.memtest86.com/

15-05-2005, 02:47
a CPU -or- GPU being overclocked can cause enough heat to screw things up. even stuff that isn't overclocked can overheat if you don't have adequate ventilation. try setting your CPU and GPU (as well as any other components) to regular speeds and running your games with the computer open and a fan blowing into it. that should help determine if it's a heat issue.

15-05-2005, 02:51
It doesn't have to be overclocked... my laptop will do that if it just doesn't get enough cooloing... any sort of over heating will cause it...

15-05-2005, 04:19
It doesn't have to be overclocked... my laptop will do that if it just doesn't get enough cooloing... any sort of over heating will cause it...
Exactly correct.

My first question is when is the last time you checked to see if all the fans in your system are working? If you aren't playing games, your system may be able to handle the load. My vote is on a heat problem -OR- a powersupply that is too weak to handle the flux in usage. Buying a new PSU that is rated to handle over 400W would be the first purchase if your current one is below that number.