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13-05-2005, 09:53
Hi people

Just a (probably) dumb question about those 2 sets of skill...

If i'm correct, the "defining" element of different war type of weapons are :

Hammers : Knockdown
Swords : Bleeding
Axes : Deep wounds

I dont really understand the point of "deep wounds" with axes .. :confused:
"lower foe's max health by 20% for xx seconds"

Whats the point ? You strike someone who has 100 life
Lets say he takes 10 damages from the strike + loose 20% of max health = his health is now 100-10=90-20%=72 ?

I can clearly see (i'm a veeeeeery newb warrior, still in pre-searing and still no axes skills to test this out) when i put a bleeding with my sword on foes, their life starts to drop. But i dont see the point of "deep wounds" since i never experienced it, is my calculations there correct? Thats the way it works ?

And, last question about swords : no AOE there right ? I see an AOE skill in axes, but nothing in swords

Thanx in advance