View Full Version : Best type of monk? Help with points, too!

13-05-2005, 12:45
I have a lvl6 Monk with over 20 skill point to distribute. I'm hoping to create a Monk who can heal a party but also pack a punch as an attacker. Is this viable, or should I just stick to healing? In any case, how would you recommend I spend the point? My 2nd profession is a Necro, and I've spent 1 whole point on Blood Magic. Thanks a bunch in advance.

Taxus Baccata
13-05-2005, 14:41
I am playng a lvl 12 Monk\Necro at the moment, my points are distributed.

Divine Healing 5 + 1 from scalp tatoo
Healing Prayers 6
Blood Magic 5

I focus on Healing with, Orison of Healing, Healing Breeze, Heal Party and Resurrect.
For damage I use Dark Pact, Life Siphon, Vampiric Gaze and Shadow Strike.

I put in Mending for Vampiric Gaze for PvP, as I am too busy healing to worry about fighting.

The Blood Magic line is a good offensive choice because you can off-set the health lost by sacrifice with your own healing spells. You could choose Smiting prayers but I think if you are a Necro secondary then the Blood Magic is stronger.

13-05-2005, 19:29
You can be a successful healer with fighting skills, but obviously you won't be as good at either one.

Most people pick 2-3 attributes to focus on, so you can just pick the type of attack you'd like to go with the healing skills.

Also, skill points are used to buy skills. Attribute points are used to raise attributes (which are things like Divine Favor, Healing Prayers, Protection Prayers, etc.)

13-05-2005, 23:42
level 6 is pretty early to start branching out.
Around level 10 or 11 you'll have enough points to expand into a second attribute without having to worry about sucking at everything else. at about level16-18 you can start looking at a third attribute.

15-05-2005, 07:47
Just start taking up Healing prayers + Dev favor for your attributes for a while. Then later, decide if you want to add prot prayers to make you an even better healer, or go with a secondary profession to do dmg or hex.