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13-05-2005, 12:57
I experienced the pvp interface once so far. I am trying to play with a friend and all I see available is random fights that select whomever pressed the button to enter the fight. My friend and I are on TS for voice so we try and press the button at the same time but with so many out there it seems to be a hit or miss to get in the same fight on the same side.

Can you have the ability to do this without joining a guild?

Are there fights that allow more than 4 at a time?

How can a fight be regulated when you randomly suck in players that may not work well together (profession-wise not human-wise)?


13-05-2005, 17:44
There are other types of arena that you can play on later into the game. One is HoH or Tombs were you choose a party up to 8. If you do make it to the end you can get a sigil which can be used to get a Guild Hall or sold for a great some amount of money.

Also if you make a PvP premade character you can go to every PvP arena including HoH.