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13-05-2005, 15:08
So I started a Beastmaster/Healing Monk as my first char on GW, and I have been enjoying her a lot!

I slowly got myself up to level 7 doing most of the beginning quests and getting myself a decent bow and a level 7 Melandru's Stalker.

I searched and searched for additional quests, but all that I could find was the one where the Monk would give me a resurrection signet (sp?) and I never had anyone to party with, so I never did it.

So, at level 8, I headed forward to Old Ascalon, and now I am getting my *** beat! I can take one enemy at a time, but if 2-3 get on me, I am usually toast. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Here are the skills I am using

Powered Shot
Point Blank Shot
Read the Wind
Reversal Fortune
Orison of Healing
Troll's Unguent
Calm Animal
Charm Animal

I have Beast Mastery up to level 4-5 I think, 3 into Marksmanship, 3 into Expertise, and the rest into Healing Prayers.

Here are my questions:

Did I miss some valuable skills before I transferred to Old Ascalon?
Should I have a better pet at this level? It doesn't seem like he is really doing much of anything despite my high rank in Beast Mastery.
Also, I never explored North of the Wall much other than to lead Ben back into town; did I miss much up there?

Basically, will I still be ok to go on from here, or should I remake my Ranger?

Thanks in advance for any advice guys! :)

Lady Deathraven
13-05-2005, 16:02
Hmmm... it sounds to me like you're going at it completely alone, with no henchmen. Now, I know you're part Monk, but even so, if you're getting beaten by groups of enemies, it sounds like maybe you should consider bringing one or two henchmen with you -- a monk for some added healing, perhaps, or a fighter to soak up the damage for you.

This is not only a good habit because it will keep you alive, but also, you will not be able to solo the various missions you'll come across because the sheer swarming power of even low level monsters is able to overwhelm all but the best-prepared (and perhaps best-equipped) adventurers.

13-05-2005, 16:08
Personally I'd get my marksmanship up a bit more first and concentrate on beastmastery at a higher level, but you may disagree.

Otherwise, what Lady Deathraven is spot on. You can't go it alone; the game is made for working as a party. Some of the co-operative missions are pretty much impossible even with a party of henchmen, so you should start looking at grouping-up with people in settlements.

Good luck!

13-05-2005, 16:08
If you plan to invest attribute points in Beast Mastery then you need to get skills associated with it (e.g. call of haste, etc...). Attribute relates to skills. You need to "buffer up" your pet with the Beast Mastery skills during attack/defense to make the attribute points useful.

13-05-2005, 17:05
Thanks for the responses guys!

I had two henchmen when I first started in Old Ascalon, but needless to say, they got toasted pretty quickly even with me healing them. The warrior seemed to do some decent damage, but he got his *** beat pretty quickly too.

The main reason I was asking about skills was that I heard of people mentioning pet-buffing skills, and I haven't gotten one yet. Did I miss the opportunity in the previous part of the game, or are these Beast Mastery skills something that I can find in this later stage?

Thanks again; I appreciate the help!

The Wolflord
13-05-2005, 17:31
I am currently playing as a Ranger/Monk and I am level 8 as well. I have a level 7 wolf as a pet, and have found I can take out most things in the early parts of Post Ascalon as long as I have the right henchmen.

So far I am using pretty much the same skills as you, and my party consists of the Healer, Warrior, and Mage Henchmen. This might seem like a lot, but it keeps my thinking and healing down, and allows me to concentrate on killing whatever I am fighting. I have only died once when I got into a fight with 8 Char. That was a little messy.

As far as pet skills, I think I got the first one from Master Nente (SP?) for one of the first two quests he has.

Hope this helps you out.

[Edit] Forgot to say that I am focusing in Beast Mastery and Marksmanship mainly with a little in Expertise and Wilderness Survival. I also think I have like 1 point in Healing Prayers. [Edit]

The Wolflord

13-05-2005, 18:00
Wolflord, what skills exactly do you mean? I know I got Calm Animal and Charm Animal from Nente, but I never got any others like Call of Haste that was mentioned above.

Are those skills that you learn in Old Ascalon, or did I miss it?

Also, how does your wolf perform compared to a Meladru's? (I'm sure that has been asked before, but I'll ask you directly Wolflord.) :)

Thanks again guys!

The Wolflord
13-05-2005, 18:26
I got Feral Lunge and I think Favorable Winds at the same time from Nente in Post Ascalon doing a quest where you follow him for a while and then fight some Char. The quest wasn't really that hard because Nente is pretty powerfull. Of course what would you expect from a master ranger?

I did all the quests I could find in Old Ascalon, and I explored pretty much everywhere, and all I got for beastmastery where Charm and Comfort.

As far as my pet goes, the wolf seems to do more damage, but not attack as frequently like most have said here. I did see him solo a Hulking Stone Elemental by himself, and take it out with only having an 8th or so of his life gone. So Thats pretty decent in my book. I've noticed that he hits for on par the same as I do with my bow, which seems to be in the range of 10-17 with no skills used. All in all, I think if you have decent points in beastmastery, the pets balance themselves out.

Oh, and now that I can check them, my skills are as follows:
Beastmastery and Marksmanship 5
Wilderness Survival 2
Expertise 1
Healing Prayers 3

I plan on only taking healing to 5, and spending everything else in beast, mark, and expertise.

The Wolflord

13-05-2005, 19:03
I'd say until you get Predatory Pounce which lets your pet launch a "vampiric" (for lack of a better word) attack. Use Comfort Animal... only uses 5 energy, recharges in a moderate amount of time and with your level in Beast Mastery Should keep your kitty well healed during battles. (focus on healing pet, not henchies)

Also you should be able to pick up the Resurrection skill from the trainer in post-searing Ascalon. Unlike the signet you get to use it over and over in missions. Good for bringing back the henchman. And if you mostly go it without other humans... you probably want Dodge. Sometimes discretion is the better part of not getting your butt kicked. LOL

13-05-2005, 20:07
Cool, so it sounds like I didn't miss a whole lot in Pre-Searing then (Pre-Searing being before the two-year time laspe, right)?

I haven't seen any Wolves in Post-Searing yet, but I'll keep my eye out for one. I'll look for that res skill too.

Thanks guys; you've been a lot of help!

13-05-2005, 22:11
Beast Mastery skills are scarce at first (beast attacks, etc). My advice is to do all the quests in and around Piken Square when you get there - also look for the Ambassador near Prince Rurik, as he can offer you some quests that will give you skills also.

For henchmen, always get the healer (Alesia). Without her your solo game will be much more difficult. I would recommend the warrior (Stefan) also - he can take hits a fair bit better than your pet.

Anyway, post-searing Ascalon and the surrounding areas are very difficult at first due to your henchmen only being level 3, the huge amount of enemies that abound, and your limited access to skills. Don't sweat it - it's a pain for everyone.

13-05-2005, 22:20
Well, you just renewed my interest in the game. Thanks so much man! I'll be sure to get my henchmen leveled and find me one of those sweet-*** Post-Searing Wolves that everyone keeps talking about! :D

You guys are great!