View Full Version : Help w/ Mesmer build..PvE

Enthraller Thanatos
13-05-2005, 19:33
I've decided to run my mesmer basically a straight mesmer...I'm at Frost gate now...and this build is working nicely...from what i've seen later on Illusion seems to be a fairly dominate skill for Mesmers...The elite skills are outstanding...

So far my level 13 Me/N has this build...

Fast Casting 4
Domination 9(+1 mask)
Illusion 5
Inspiration 4
Curse 0
Death 0
Blood 0

I'm thinking my end build should end up like this

Level 20, Me/N
Fast Casting 5
Domination 13(+1 mask)
Illusion 9
Inspiration 8
Blood 0
Death 0
Curse 0

Skill Line Up:
Ether Feast
Energy Burn
Conjure Phantasm
Phantom Pain
Chaos Storm
Energy Surge(Elite)
Backfire(for pesky casters)